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Scooter Rental Software: Functionality and Development Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Rich-Feature Scooter Rental Software

Electric scooters are an eco-friendly and affordable way to move around the city and avoid traffic congestion. However, as with any business, e-scooter rental demands sufficient investment that encompasses human resources, scooters themselves, and turnkey software. 

In this article, we’re covering the cost of development of a rich-feature software for e-vehicle sharing business, the functionality needed, and consider all the benefits of electric scooter franchise compared to custom development. 

What Software is Needed for E-scooter Rental Business

A fully-functional software is a great tool for maintaining and managing an electric scooter business. The software serves both clients and operators as it supports the client application and CRM for efficient management. Let’s overview the functionality required for each software type.

Client App

A client application is a way users interact with your business. Thus, the app should be developed keeping all your users’ needs in mind and contain the following functionality for a smooth user experience. 

Registration – authorization. Users should be able to create a personal account and log in every time they want to begin a ride. 

GPS. This one is for convenience purposes. An application gets integrated with a navigation application (e.g. Google Maps) allowing users to locate the nearest available vehicle. 

Scooter booking. When users locate a vehicle, they can book it for some time and be sure the vehicle is still available when they reach it. 

Online payment. This is the most convenient way to pay for a ride. Make sure you direct customers to a secure payment gateway. This is necessary for keeping the image of your app as a secure environment and increasing customer trust. 

Adding social media account. Allow users to integrate social media accounts and offer them awards and bonuses for showing they use your service on a particular social media.

QR scanner. Each scooter is equipped with a unique QR code that users can scan to unlock a vehicle and begin a ride. Locking is also possible with this feature.

Smart lock. This one is used as an alternative for a QR scanner to lock the electric scooter. This allows business owners and managers to make sure vehicles are securely waiting for the next ride.

CRM for Managers

CRM for managers or admin panel allows operators to keep a watchful eye on business’ internal and external processes. To help them perform their role, the following functionality is included

  • Newsletter creation;
  • Scooters management;
  • Responsibilities distribution between personnel;
  • User management;
  • Promo codes creation;
  • Mailing list creation;
  • Travel history;
  • The editing text content of messages and newsletters etc.

E-Scooter Sharing Business Software: Custom Development vs Franchise

So, e-scooter sharing software is an integral element of the electric scooter sharing business. It is not weird why finding a reliable tech supplier is of paramount importance. Let’s overview the two most popular ways to get an electric vehicle sharing software that will meet the needs of your business: custom development and franchising method. 

Custom Development

Creation of a fully-featured app for your business from scratch. Custom development is a perfect option for businesses not limited in budget. Business owners are engaged in every stage of electric scooter app development and communicate with the development team throughout the creation process. Tailored development is excellent for businesses that have some outstanding ideas about software functionality either.

It takes around 1000-1300 hours and $35000-45000 to complete full-cycle custom development.


The greatest benefits of an electric scooter franchise are the opportunity to launch a business with minimum cost, time frames, and mistakes.  

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Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?

Time-to-market speed. The franchise is associated with boosted time-to-market performance. Because you don’t need to develop an application from scratch, it takes around 2 months to deliver an app to the market. 

Cost-efficiency. Provided you opt for the electric scooter franchise by Rexsoft, you will only make the first deposit of $5000-7000. This sum covers customization costs e.g. creation of a unique design, customizing functionality, and integration of an app into Play Market and AppStore. Afterward, you only pay a monthly fee for using the service that starts from $5 for a vehicle. The monthly subscription fee also encompasses maintenance and support of software. 

So, electric scooter rental software is an integral element of the vitality of your e-vehicle sharing business. While it takes around $35000-45000 to develop specialized software from scratch, the franchising method allows for launching an e-scooter business in a more economical way!

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