The popularity of smart TV has grown considerably for the last several years. The audience who prefer to watch on-demand video content has a broad variety of platforms that they can choose for their convenient watching – Android TV, Amazon TV, Apple TV. By the way, according to the latest research, the number of Apple TV users is expected to reach 36 million by 2026. So here’s a friendly recommendation for you: don’t waste your chance to be trendy and successful and start your Apple TV app development journey right now!

What is the Apple TV App?

Apple TV app is a specific media player software developed by Apple. Via this app you can watch movies and TV shows, broadcast content from your gadget library, iTunes, streaming services that are connected to your device, channels you are subscribed for, etc. Moreover, Apple TV has a built-in App Store. It means nothing but a great opportunity to make users’ experience even more engaging and entertaining as now even the most breathtaking apps and games can be delivered on the big screens.

The Apple TV app is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac, as well as on some smart TVs, media streaming devices and game consoles.

Important Things you should consider while making an Apple TV App

To build outstanding Apple TV app, you should keep in mind these simple (at first glance) recommendations:

1 – ensure convenience – people like to make their homes and lives smart with the help of technology. Now it’s easy to control lights, locks and so on – all you need is several taps on your iPhone screens or several voice commands. Think of adding some smart managing features to your app to make your viewer’s experience as smooth and simple as possible

2 – provide multi-language and multi-currency support – language barrier and currency conversions issues are one the most common problems that prevent users from making online purchases. Take this into account, if you want to scale and build a strong international audience

3 – integrate payment gateway – like any other people, Apple TV users like to make payments quickly, without hussle and without necessity to provide an abundance of information. So you can get more users providing secure and convenient online users.

Apple TV App Development Process

The Apple TV app development process can usually consist of many steps and each of them is equally important. At Perfsol, Apple TV app development company, we provide:

  1. IT consulting – we help you outline project’s scope, analyze market, your target audience and competitors, evaluate risks and chances that you will gain success, etc.
  2. UI/UX design – we create user-friendly interfaces for your app
  3. Apple TV web & mobile development – we use best practices and technologies to ensure smooth work of your Apple TV app on any device
  4. Apple TV platform integration – we integrate the developed product to your business to help you get the maximum profit out of it
  5. Support & Maintenance – we do our best to help your project evolve even after it is launched. Long-term commitment to the products we create is the core value we adhere to.

Apple TV App Development Price

It’s almost impossible to provide some precise numbers here as each project differs from other. The price depends on the long list of interrelated factors: experience of the tech team, UI/UX design complexity, features you want to implement, tech stack, etc. It will be more effective to evaluate your project, so if you’re ready to discuss your ideas, we’re ready to help! Just contact us.

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